Review On The Various Uses And Effects Of Anavar Steroids

If you are looking for an effective steroid that is well tolerated by both men and women, you should purchase Anavar. Anavar tablets are one of the most widely used oral anabolic steroids by athletes and bodybuilders due to their limited or zero side effects when used properly. The Anavar structure has an added oxygen atom that makes it unique from other DHT steroids. The unique aspect of its structure helps to increase the anabolic activities while also protecting it from being broken down metabolically. The structure also has an added methyl group at the 17th carbon position that allows it to be taken orally without being ingested.

Anavar steroid has a high anabolic rating that is 3 to 6 times higher than that of testosterone and a low androgenic rating of 24 compared to 100 for testosterone. The low androgenic rating makes it more tolerable to most individuals unlike steroids with higher rating while its high anabolic rating makes it excellent for cutting and performance enhancement. In addition to the unique rating, Anavar steroids have three main traits that make them popular among athletes that include the ability to reduce Sex-Hormone Binding-Globulin (SHBC), enhance nitrogen retention and reduce glucocorticoid hormones.

By enhancing the nitrogen retention, the steroid helps to promote an anabolic atmosphere while protecting the individual from a catabolic state. The ability to reduce SHBG hormones allows the steroid to increase the levels of free testosterone in the body to allow all the administered steroids to stay in a free state rather than in a bound state. By reducing the stress hormones in the body, the steroid encourages a ripped appearance by protecting the body against the negative effects of stress hormones.

Furthermore, some studies have shown that Anavar pills have the ability to burn fat in the body as a result of their ability to reduce thyroid-binding-globulin, firmly bind to the androgen receptor and enhance thyroxine binding pre-albumin. Anavar has also shown the ability to increase red blood cell count, which promotes higher muscular endurance as well as cardiovascular endurance by enabling greater blood oxygenation.

The Uses and Effects of Anavar Steroids

Bulking: While it is not the best off-season bulking steroid for male athletes, its ability to promote endurance, recovery and reduce SHBG allows some male athletes to use it to enhance their cycle. Furthermore, due to its high toleration levels, women can safely use it for bulking. Women athletes are usually not looking for massive gains and have high sensitivity to Oxandrolone hormone common in other steroids, which makes the Anavar gains in women clean and of high quality.

Cutting: Most of the bodybuilders buy Anavar for sale as a cutting steroid. When dieting, it helps to preserve strength and lean muscle that is usually lost due to the calorie deficit in the body as a result of dieting. A successful dieting should only let you lose fat while maintaining your muscle mass. Therefore, if you are losing weight as well as muscle mass, you should buy Anavar online to help you burn body fat more efficiently. It also offers prominent conditioning effects that make you appear harder.

Athletic Performance: Anavar is one of the best performance enhancing steroids with notable results over a shorter period. The steroid helps to promote cardiovascular and muscular endurance, which ensures greater endurance and strength without large muscle mass buildups.


While it is capable of offering remarkable performance and endurance gains when taken alone, combining it with the appropriate exercises and diet helps to speed up the benefits for quicker results. You can also stack it with other steroids to get the maximum benefits in a cycle. When taken alone, women should start with a low dosage of about 2.25mg in the first week and increase the dosage incrementally over the next eight weeks until 10mg is attained. Men should start the cycle at 30mg and increase it to 70mg during the cycle.