Your Guide To Prohormones

Prohormones are designed to help those who want to bulk up and improve their strength in the fastest possible time. According to experts, they are possibly among the most fascinating class of bodybuilding supplements available in stores today. Although many assume that pro hormones are hormones, they are not. These supplements are actually steroids that can make you feel stronger and can help you increase your endurance.

Why Are Prohormones Popular?

The best prohormones on the market are surprisingly inexpensive with prices that range from $50 and above for a 30-day supply. They are also quite effective.

Even if it is easy to buy prohormones online, not many professional wrestlers, bodybuilders, and athletes talk about them out in the open. They are illegal in America and are strictly regulated in other parts of the world. This is not surprising at all because they have dangerous side effects when abused but even if this is so, they are still quite popular.

If you are thinking of using a prohormone, it is best to look for the best prohormones around. New users are also advised to do their research and to ask their doctors about contraindications. If you are taking medication for a certain ailment, it is imperative that you get the opinion of a physician before you take these supplements. This is to ensure that you are not jeopardizing your health.

What Is A Pro Hormone?

Prohormone supplements are chemical compounds that intensify the effects of the hormones present in the body. Most prohormones for sale have this effect but the best prohormone increase muscle gain faster than others. There are many brands available out there but before you buy, take a look at reviews first. It is also beneficial to ask friends who have tried or are currently using these supplements to find out which brands are the most effective.

How Do They Work?

To explain how prohormones work, it is important to discuss the science behind it. All the hormones in the human body have corresponding prohormones. Testosterone has corresponding prohormones, for example. The body also produces pro-insulin and pro-opiomelianocortin. It is interesting that they have minimal effects on their own though that’s why doing some research on how to use them is of importance. However, this doesn’t mean that they are not effective at all. They are just weaker when compared to anabolic steroids. But how do they work? If you do not want to inject yourself with pure testosterone, you can get a testosterone prohormone to help your body produce more of the said hormone.

Legal Pro Hormones

Since prohormones are illegal in most countries, it is difficult to get a stable supply. The good news is, some prohormones are still legal and they can be found in most health food stores. Some supplement retailers also have them in their shelves. This doesn’t solve the problem for those who are looking to increase their muscle mass though because legal prohormones have been watered down and as a result, they are not as effective as the illegal kind.

Although it is rather dangerous to be in possession of illegal prohormones, many still opt to take them instead of getting the legal ones. This is because pure prohormones offer dramatic muscle mass increase, strength increase, and improved sex drive. Illegal prohormones can improve your physical appearance and can even make your face look more manly. It also gives you a deeper voice, faster facial hair growth, better athletic performance, as well as faster recovery during gym sessions.

Side Effects

Like other steroids, prohormones also have negative side effects. In fact, some would even describe these side effects as devastating. If you are planning to use this type of steroid, it is best to learn how to avoid these side effects. Experts say that you would need to be very careful with your dosage and would need to ensure that you have a good post cycle therapy. Side effects include acne, hypertension, hair loss, headaches, breast enlargement, liver damage, swollen prostate, dizziness, and nausea.

If you are currently on prohormones, do not drink alcohol at all. These supplements are dangerous for your liver and alcohol can add more to the burden.