Top Tips On Using Anadrol Steroids Safely

As a bodybuilder, you have been using steroids for some time. You have used several varieties and you are quite happy with the results. However, you have heard quite a bit about Anadrol 50 and how it seems to cause rapid muscle mass formation. At present you are quite happy with your overall physique but you would like to learn more about Adrol and how it works. To help you out, we’ve created a short list of tips on how veteran bodybuilders are using Anadrol steroids to gain muscle mass and muscle strength.

Anadrol has a great anabolic to androgenic ratio.This means that it seems to have a better action as compared to testosterone. It seems to remain in tissue longer and this results in better muscle mass formation and more muscle strength. At the same time, it does not seem to bind to androgenic receptors properly. This means that even though ANA or Anadrol is stronger than testosterone, it still has fewer side-effects than testosterone.

Unlike other steroids, Anadrol seems to be quite kind on the joints. It can increase the formation of anti-inflammatory agents and it actually seems to draw water into the joints. As a result, users have reported looser joints and a smoother feeling in the joints after using Anadrol. This is quite beneficial to bodybuilders.

Most users forget a simple fact associated with steroids and workouts: Eating well is absolutely necessary or steroids don’t work! Ideally, you have to eat about 1.5gms of protein per pound of body weight to ensure that steroids have enough raw material to start working. However, ANA also seems to boost your appetite. As a result, you will feel hungry and this will ensure that the steroids start working.

Anadrol is not recommended for women. It has strong virilization possibilities and users have reported considerable side-effects like clitoral enlargement, voice deepening, hair loss, acne, increased body and face hair and several other problems. As a result, Anadrol is recommended only for male users.

ANA has a low starting dose of 25mg as it seems to work quite well on low doses. For advanced and super-advanced users, the dose can be increased up to 50mg per day. In some cases, bodybuilders have increased the dose to 100mg per day. However, we recommend that you do not increase the dose beyond 120mg per day as it can cause serious side-effects and permanent health problems.

Anadrol has a very long half-life but it has to be taken at the same time everyday to ensure consistent blood levels and permanent long-term body effects. As a result, if you are taking ANA at 7am and 7pm. Make sure you stick to this time through the entire four to twelve week cycle. Cycle length should also be restricted to under 12 weeks to prevent side-effects.

And Finally…

Adrol pills do seem to work but its a little difficult to purchase Anadrol from a reliable source. Although the steroid is effective, it is not available online or offline without a prescription. This means that you cannot purchase the steroid readily. However, we do recommend that you buy Anadrol online from a trusted website located in Asia or Europe. There are websites that sell Adrol 50 injectable, Anadrol tablets, and Anadrol pills to customers who do not have a prescription. The cost may be a little more than you expect but a trusted site will sell you a pure source of Anadrol steroid and you will get guaranteed results . We do recommend that you be a little careful though. Make sure you vet the site properly before making a cash purchase of Anadrol for sale.