Thinking About Trying Clenbuterol Steroids?

Clenbuterol is one of the more interesting supplements available on the market today. It’s still classified as a steroid in many circles, but because its main use was intended (and still is) as a bronchodilator and was prescribed by doctors for treating breathing disorders as well as asthma, it’s still on the market for that purpose but has permeated the dieting industry in recent years and is one of the more reliable go-to supplements for burning fat and shedding pounds. Because it’s a sympathomimetic drug, it thus mimics what epinephrine and norepinephrine do to the body, but it’s much stronger than the commercial offerings of epinephrine or norepinephrine. The big ticket seller is the thermogenic effects it produces on the body. This means it raises the body’s core temperature, and with this the heart rate and blood pressure and in turn causes the breakdown of glycogen in the body, which helps promote the rapid reduction in fat cells. The means a standard dose can increase the body’s ability to metabolize calories and alone can shed anywhere from an additional 200 to 500 calories per day.

You can buy Clenbuterol online and also have it prescribed by a doctor. It’s no surprise that your doctor will want you to move toward some other prescription if you ask him about Clen, simply because doctors are trained to prescribe what the pharmaceutical companies ask them to prescribe, and because the Clenbuterol steroid is a sledgehammer, it’s often passed over as a common prescription.

Don’t be phased by your doctor’s recommendations, because you’ve done the research and you know that Clenbuterol tablets can easily be found when you shop to buy Clenbuterol online. The only difference between what the doctor can offer you would be the inject-able form or a guaranteed pure form through a pill.

The keys for understanding what you get when you purchase Clenbuterol online is to first research the manufacturer. You can post questions to the seller and if you don’t get responses then move on to another seller. You can expand your search to buy Clen when you’re looking to find Clen for sale on the internet. Again, post questions about the manufacturer and look for someone who will work with you. Once you get some level of confidence that the Clenbuterol for sale product is manufactured in a legitimate setting. You can research the manufacturer to ensure they provide other products in addition to Clenbuterol pills.

Once you’ve found your source for Clenbuterol steroids, then it’s time to run the test. If you’re interested in Clenbuterol weight loss, then you should start slowly. Read the label to understand the dosage recommendations. Many bodybuilders will take up to 100 to 150 mcg per day, but that’s a heroic dose that you should not try on day one. Instead, go with the lowest dose possible, perhaps 20mcg per day. The recommendation is to take it early in the morning for you might not sleep that night if you take it in the afternoon. Pay attention to how the low dose impacts your body. Some find that even the low dose is so uncomfortable that they have to discontinue its use immediately. When you can handle 20mcg on day one, try doubling that on day 2 and go to 40mcg. If you’re able to handle 40mcg on day 2, then bump up to 60mcg on day 3. Increase your dose slowly until you find that you’re reeling from the effects, as in a very fast heart rate while doing nothing at all or shakes that make you look like you’re experiencing delirium tremors. Lower the dose 20mcg and find the sweet spot, then cycle this for 2 weeks and stop. Be sure to measure your results.