Trenbolone Steroids And Its Unique Characteristics

Trenbolone Acetate is very likely the most used anabolic steroid hormone on the market. Its use by the livestock industry officially calls it “veterinarian grade anabolic androgenic steroid.” Trenbolone steroids are among the most potent and therefore, the most used steroid hormones available.

It was first created in the early 1960’s for the livestock industry. It was found that by injecting cattle with this amazing steroid, that the cattle would eat more and produce more lean meat and far less fat, thereby using the feed more effectively and efficiently. This use of the steroid attracted the attention of body builders. They wanted to know where they could purchase Trenbolone.

When the steroid is injected into the livestock, the steroid does not burn the fat, per se. It makes the fat be used as energy, and most of the feed becomes, not fat or waste, meat — muscle mass. when this property of Trenbolone was first discovered in the bodybuilding world, it seemed that every body builder wanted to find Trenbolone steroid.

Trenbolone steroids were soon delivered in a somewhat different method. Instead of the injections, the cattle and pigs were receiving subcutaneous pellets. The pellets were placed right beneath the skin, and they melted over a period of time, thus becoming a time released steroid, in effect. this was the perfect steroid compound for body growth as far as the livestock industry was concerned, but this didn’t please the body builders. They still needed to find Trenbolone for sale, and needed their old form of Trenbolone steroids. They were not interested in these new Trenbolone tablets.

But as it turned out, they took the pellets, or Trenbolone pills, and ground them up. Then they added the powder to sterile water, and injected that mix. This gave them the Trenbolone that they so desperately wanted. It was too early as yet, and they had no Internet. Nowadays one can buy Trenbolone online.

This is a remarkable androgenic steroid. Trenbolone Acetate is probably the best and the most used in the cutting phase of muscles. Body builders put this steroid on just about every stack and cycle for one reason or another.

Yet, this is also a champion bulking steroid. That is to say, body builders will put this steroid in their bulking cycles and stacks as well. That makes this steroid a wonder drug to beat all wonder drugs as far as body building goes. It adds muscle without the fat, and the food consumed is turned into mass. This is indeed the king of the steroids.

But, alas, every coin has two sides. This great steroid has some side effects, and some of them are quite serious.

Gynecomastia might be a problem with the use of Trenbolone. That is the growth of female like breasts in men. The best defense against that is to use anti-estrogen steroids such as testosterone as a back up treatment.  The attendant water retention can be cured by using diuretics or by tapering off on the Tren for a few weeks.

Male pattern baldness will appear if you are genetically inclined or it runs in your family. The treatment for this is to taper off the Tren for a while. Acne can be a problem with this steroid. Keeping the face clean and avoiding fatty foods and greasy hamburgers is one method of controlling this. Forget the fries at meal time as well.

Never take over the counter medications with this steroid. It will affect your liver negatively. It suppresses natural testosterone, so a supplement should be used to maintain testosterone levels.